What is GeoSnap

GeoSnap is a game where you take a picture of something that matches a word and then other players vote on which picture best matches the word.

How to play

To play, you need to create a lobby and invite your friends to join. Add words that you want the players to search on StreetView. Once everyone has joined, you can start the game.

You have to search for a location that matches the word and take a snap by clicking the camera button. Once the time is up or the first player has taken all the snaps, the game will move to the voting phase.

In the voting phase, you will see all the snaps that the players have taken. You can vote on the snap that you think best matches the word. At the end of the voting phase, the player with the most votes wins.

Why can't I play unlimited games?

We are not trying to make big money with GeoSnap. Our goal is to cover the costs of the StreetView API usage. To achieve this, we have to limit access to the game and have a paid plan for heavy users.